Let Us Transport You

Pool Buoy is here to transport you to an era of posh poolside parties where high society, aristocracy and quirky characters intermingled to discuss the important topics of the week. A time where great parties were hosted poolside and one consumed smoked salmon and old-fashioned cocktails, all served dutifully by the house employed Pool Boy – you see what we did right?

Fast forward to 2020, a year where we definitely need an injection of fun, and your Pool Buoy’s right here wearing a breezy outfit, and – wouldn’t ya know it – they’re just in time for cocktail hour.

Caution: Pool Buoys are not toys. They are summer institutions. At your service, to dutifully dispense splish splash.

Meet The Pool Gal

Pool Buoy was founded by Rae Maxwell, owner and creative director of interiors and furniture design brand Barnaby Lane.

With a young family and being a 'big kid' she constantly found fun in kiddie alternatives over summer - inflatable pools, slip and slides, the simple garden hose and sprinkler even gets a run! Having three summer babies she'd often host inflatable pool parties.

Owning and creating Barnaby Lane, an Aussie interior and furniture design brand got her thinking - why are there not any stylish, and well made inflatable pools in the market? Add in a case of Covid house fever* (*not a real thing), dreaming of the Italian holiday they'd just forfeited and you have a creative melting pot for someone who needs an outlet. After all, we all need a bit of fun at the moment!

Dive in. Just not head first.