Give Me Time To Warm Up

Hey we’ve only just met, let’s not rush things. You may see that I’m not perfectly round on first inflation, but don’t judge me, this is normal. All you need to do is pump me up to full capacity on first use, let me soak up some sun rays and fill me up with water. All my kinks should disappear.


Location Is Everything

  • I don’t love hard or sharp surfaces. Grass or soft surface is best. 
  • Remove any sharp objects from the surface where you place me.
  • If your only option is concrete or tiled surface just be careful with the little ones that they don’t slip - it will still feel like concrete. Ouch!

Pump Me Up

Step 1: There are two inflation points one for each ring and two valves on each inflation point. The black part of each valve is the main valve - air will come in and out of this valve. The clear part of that valve is just for further inflation this is a one way only valve (genius) it will not deflate but allows you to top up to firm. 

Step 2: Start with the bottom ring first. The black part of the valve is the main valve so pull that out and insert the Pump Buoy or just get blowing (without passing out please). 

Step 3: Stop when firm and close over all valves. Repeat on top ring. 

Fill Me Up

Easy peezy - make sure drain plug is closed, turn on hose and get splashing!

    For further inflation tips check our FAQ page here.