Inflations Tips

  • We all know that more is more… however when it comes to inflating your pool that isn't exactly the case. Over inflating your pool will cause too much pressure on the seams and joins.
  • During the first use of your pool, it's normal to have wrinkles or creases in the inflated rings (and to also not be perfectly round). 
  • The Vinyl material that is used in the construction of our pools is a malleable product that will stretch slightly over time from the weight of the water from inside your pool.
  • We recommend using a 240V/12V air pump to inflate your pool, we have them for purchase here.
  • Avoid high pressure inflators or compressors. 

    Placement tips

    • You should place your pool on a flat, even surface, clear of any debris or sharp objects.
    • Uneven surfaces will case the water to pool to one side - not in a good way. This can tear seams.
    • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the printed design on your pool and that would be a very sad affair so we recommend keeping your pool in a shaded spot (think sun smart).
    • Warm sunlight will also soften the vinyl, leading to a misshaped pool, torn seams, and broken dreams.
    • If not on grass then we also always recommend using a tarp or mat for extra protection underneath your pool.

    Empty and clean me 

    • DO NOT MOVE YOUR POOL WHILE IT STILL CONTAINS WATER. Our pools are durable, but theres only so much they can do. Moving your pool while it still contains ANY amount of water runs the risk of tearing open the seams. Instead bucket out water onto garden beds or down drains, or use the drainage plug located in the base of the pool.
    • Stagnant water can harbour some germs so we recommend to clean it out each and every use.
    • An environmentally friendly detergent, warm water and soft cloth or sponge will do the trick.
    • Do not use any strong chemicals including bleach to clean your pool.

    Pack me away

    • We always recommend packing up your pool after use, Safety First!
    • Emptying the pool should always be done using the drainage plug. 
    • Lifting or moving a full pool can cause rips and tears in the vinyl, no muscles needed here! 
    • We use our drained out pool water on the garden or lawn (your plants will also enjoy a few buckets).
    • Wipe off any excess water, fold your pool up, pop it back inside your pool envelope and pack it safely away.

    Pool Safety

    You need to know everything about pool safety. Please see our safety page for detailed information

    • Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.
    • Ensure active adult supervision at all times.
    • Do not leave children unattended or unsupervised in or around the pool, always keep them within arms reach.
    • Pools should be placed on a flat, even surface clear of debris. We suggest placing your pool on grass or a soft surface. 
    • Special care should be taken entering and exiting the pool as wet surfaces can be extra slippery. 
    • Pool fencing laws apply to all of our pools, consult your local government authority for fencing requirements.