Buy Once, Buy Well 

At Pool Buoy we are big believers in 'Buy once, buy well', and it's with this in mind that we carefully selected the materials and plugs that we use to ensure that you are purchasing a product with a far superior durability. 

This ensures that, unlike some of the cheaper versions out there you will be able to enjoy your Pool Boy summer, after summer, after summer ... well you get the gist. We've even included a cool little stow away bag to make sure it can be safely packed away when not in use.

If at any stage you spring a leak we provide complimentary repair kits - whenever - even if it’s 2030. Fix it don't bin it. 

Pay It Forward 

If and when you really do outgrow your pool (and trust us this could be a while) we want you to pass this on to a friend, family or loveable pet who can continue to use it. Our complimentary repair kits still stand, just keep proof of purchase. 

You Can Recycle Me 

Don't bin me. We've partnered with a local provider to safely up-cycle your pool. They have all sorts of great uses after the fun that they have provided to you. Imagine the stories they could tell shhh. For more information on this please reach out to us at