No blow outs, no nasties (like BPA) 

At Pool Buoy we are big believers in buy once, buy well and it's with this in mind that we designed our pools using only the highest quality materials, valves, plugs and stow away bag. We want you to enjoy your Pool Buoy summer after summer, after summer, you get the gist. 

All of our pools are made from a heavyweight vinyl that is 6P phthalate free (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DNoP and DIDP), BPA free and Lead free to ensure all the nasties are removed and they are safe for the little kiddies and the big kids alike. 

The thicker material makes our pools more durable to ensure that we minimise any blow outs. If you do spring a leak we also have complimentary repair kits included with your pool and you can reach out to us at any time if you need a new kit.

We use high quality two way valves, one per each inflatable ring. What does that even mean? It means that you can easily inflate using the first valve and then top up the pool on the second valve which does not let air out. It also makes it easer to deflate. You will see.

The quick release drain in the bottom of the pool also makes it easy when it comes time to empty out the pool - with a healthy watering of the garden at the same time please.